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Drug Calculations for Health Professionals - Screen Shots


                             There are so many ways that Drug Calculations for Health Professionals may be customised so that it looks and behaves differently.
Learn Basic IV Drip Rates A screen showing a basic drip rate calculation
Calculate Dosage by Weight Some drug labels are included. Users can scan and add more if they wish. Indeed, the entire drug, IV fluid, and abbreviations databases (which are used to generate questions) can be edited by users.
Practice Tablet Dosages Tablet dosage calculations may include an optional prescription pad and tablet bottle with dose label. Users can choose to show generic or trade names or represent dosages as abbreviations or as full text.
Customise multi-choice questions Users may create multi-choice or short answer questions and include pictures of their choice. Answering a multi-choice question is as easy as clicking on the item.
To see other screen shots please visit the help files associated with Drug Calculations for Health Professionals.

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