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Drug Calculations for Health Professionals - Support
                             Support may be provided by the author at the point of registration. 

This software is shareware which among other things means that users are encouraged to download and install it first and if it appears useful register it. All software is provided with reasonably comprehensive help files which may be accessed by pressing 'F1' within the application.

For those that register a site license or distribution package of significant value the author may customize the software further by including company logos and names on the menu screen. Please contact the author and quote your registration details and requests.

N.B. The author will endeavour to respond to questions in a timely way. However, this is a hobby and he has a day job, family and occasional leisure time. Please be understanding if he does not return your e-mail quickly.

Please ensure that you have the latest version installed: 

Drug Calculations for Health Professionals was last updated on 19th April 2009 - version is 1.5.

Please view / provide public feedback.

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