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This site showcases a range of software and web solutions developed by Richard Lakeman. Richard has been developing web pages and software since 1994. He is an academic, health practitioner and researcher. The technical projects he has been involved in have often stemmed from a practical need or professional interest. If you would like to collaborate or commission a project please contact Richard.


The lines between software development and web development have become increasingly blurred in recent years. Richard has been developing software since the early 1980s as personal computers started to become accessible and affordable. Recent software projects have been written in Visual Basic. Several software packages are hosted on this site. Drug Calculations for Health Professionals is the latest update of a very popular and functional programme called Drug Calculations for Nurses written in 1998. Easy test creator was developed to assist in the deployment of standardised tests in the health and social research field but is just as effective for developing web based questionnaires. See some of the small applications for windows mobiles devices such as a Body Mass Index calculator which you can download and install for free.

Web Development

Richard developed the first Psychiatric Nursing pages in the world in 1994. Since then he has developed and maintained branch and international pages of the Australian and New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses, developed pages for adventure tourism ventures and maintained web sites for various employers.

The following pages were developed and utilise a database driven content management system to enable delegated people to maintain particular features of a web site without the need for knowledge of web languages:

The Drug Calculations Quiz Pages have received over 500,000 visitors since they were created and generated a huge volume of positive feedback.

In collaboration with Wayne Froggatt a leading authority in a form of therapy called 'Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy' he developed a self -help therapy package called 'Understanding and changing self-defeating beliefs' in 1998.

Richard has a professional interest in hearing voices and other extraordinary experiences and hosts a site with links to resources relating to hearing voices.


Richard began to use the internet for research purposes in the mid 1990s and authored several peer review papers on the subject. More recently he has been involved in undertaking research via web form examining how researchers and ethics committees negotiate problems around research with suicidal people. Richard can rapidly develop and deploy web based questionnaires that can be linked to access databases for easy importing of data into statistical or qualitative analysis packages. Please contact Richard if you would like to discuss a project.

If you would like to discuss adopting the software to your needs or developing a web development solution please e-mail Richard.


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