This is a brief introduction to the CPeR. This software was developed in 2003 to assist in maintaining professional development and education records.



The Continuing Practice and education Record (CPR) is a software package written by Richard Lakeman to assist in maintaining a record of professional development activities that complies with the ANZCMHN Credential for Practice Programme requirements. As such it may be of interest to organisations that require the maintenance of records of practice and education.

CPeR Front Page


It enables the following:

  • The creation of an unlimited number of records;
  • The capacity to archive older records;
  • Creation of curriculum vitae;
  • Completion of application / renewal and audit reports for credentialing and submission by e-mail;
  • Automatic calculation of CPP points;
  • Customised reports of activities that can be edited in a word processor such as Microsoft Word;

Programme Features:

  • Records may be selected for review or editing by several methods;
  • Links to files containing evidence of the professional development activity may be included and accessed by a simple click;
  • Examples of evidence of professional development activities is automatically included when an activity is chosen. Therefore, recording activities only takes a few moments;
  • CPeR records may be opened by one click of the mouse.