Hearing voices and other extraordinary experiences

I have been interested in phenomena such as hearing voices for a long time and have come to view such experiences as extraordinary. I am particularly interested in how people cope with and adapt to such experiences. I have undertaken research exploring how people cope with voices that are distressing and since 1997 have facilitated workshops around hearing voices and communicating with people who express ideas that are disturbing to others.

I recommend that people with similar interests visit the Tidal Model website which provides a philosophy of care that validates people's experience and the hearing voices network which stresses the acceptance of voices. First hand accounts of peoples experiences can be enlightening, enriching and helpful for carers, professionals and individuals. Please also consider visiting the page schizophrenia without psychiatric drugs which is dedicated to the work and memory of Loren Mosher.

Please contact me, Richard Lakeman for information about workshops on hearing voices or disturbing beliefs that I have presented over the last ten years. I have a wealth of experience in teaching, 'clinical work', therapy and education. See my website for an overview of my work.