Drug Calculations for Health Professionals - Download
                             Version Information:
Date of Update: 19th April 2009
Current Version: 1.5
Comments: All know bugs were corrected at this time

Please checkout the system specifications for this software before download to ensure that it will be compatible with your computer.

Click here to download an executable setup file. Save it somewhere and click on it to run the installation (you can choose run depending on the speed of your connection).

Alternatively Drug Calculations for Health Professionals may be downloaded from a number of sites on the WWW for free. Click on the file name below (these are zip files) to download. Save the file to a disk.

File Name
Web: DrugCalcNet5x.zip (US)

Click on the file. The program setup.exe needs to be run to begin the installation. If .NET is not already installed the installation will inform you and you can run the installation again latter.

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