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Drug Calculations Quiz Club

A mobile friendly subscription on-line course to master drug calculations which includes tutorials, calculators, and unlimited tests with solutions. University level learning material.

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Drug Calculations for Health Professionals

A windows based software package to assist health professionals teaching and learning drug calculations. It includes sophisticated tools for creating tests as well as a fun interface to enhance learning.

Drug Calculations Quiz Pages

Composed in 1997 these were the very first on-line drug calculation quiz pages on the web. They include tests, calculators and help on metric conversions, tablet, fluid dosages and IV flow rates

Drug calculations Quiz Club                 

This is a full on-line course designed to help you develop mastery over Drug Calculations. It includes tutorials beginning with revision of basic mathematical concepts, interactive calculators, and online tests with an infinite number of questions. This is ideal for health professionals including nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, medical doctors and others who need to become proficient in calculating drug dosages.

Easy Interface

The Quiz Club has been updated to provide a friendly interface on both mobile and desk top devices.

Track your progress each session.

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Drug Calculations Tutorials

University level and standard turorials on the rights of medication administration, basic mathematics revision, metric conversions, calculating body mass index, tablet dosages, fluid dosages, dosages by weight, Intravenous drip rates, and calculating the time of an intravenous infusion to finish.

Interactive Calculators

Access interactive calculators which not only provide the answer but show the solution for any problem you pose. Calculators include: BMI, 
Metric Conversions, Tablet, Fluid,  Dosage by Weight, IV Flow Rate & Time to Finish.

An endless number of test questions and solutions.

Tests questions are randomly generated based on real life prescription parameters. A solution is generated for any question which is passed on or found incorrect. There is also a quiz on prescription abbreviations

A quick video tour of Drug Calculations Quiz Club

Here is a one minute tour of some of the features of the Drug Calculations Quiz Club. There is an intuitive user interface, high quality content and the capacity to practice until perfect on any device at any time (as long as you have access to the internet).

Drug Calculations for Health Professionals

A windows based software package to assist with teaching and learning drug calculations. This includes a set of tools for teachers as well as games to make learning fun. 

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Lakeman, R. & Kunst, E. (2016). Medication Administration (pp 247-278) In Clinical Nursing Skills: An Australian Perspective. Sydney: Cambridge University Press

This chapter will address the competencies needed to administer medication by the most common routes. Medications affect the body in different ways. They have a specific desired (therapeutic) effect, but they can also have unwanted side-effects, and even life-threatening adverse effects and unpredictable interactions with other medications. Nurses therefore need to be familiar with the expected effects of any medication they administer, and recognise and be prepared to address any unexpected adverse effects. The particular forms of medication administration addressed in this chapter are oral, topical, injections, intravenous therapy and blood transfusions. Finally, dealing with adverse events and anaphylaxis is addressed..

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