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Easy Test Creator

ETC is a software package to create on-line (web based or terminal based) standardised tests and questionnaires. It is a tool for researchers, health professionals or indeed anyone that needs to use such tests. Web developers may also find it useful for generating web based tests. Results may be tracked and reported in different ways. A collection of commonly used psychological screening instruments are available on-line for people to try

Easily define multi-choice, short and long answer questions.
Define sub-scales and assign to numerical questions.
Customise the entire test administration, reporting, and exporting process at design time.
Prompt for test respondent and administrator.
Produce professional reports which include an analysis of sub-scale and total scores.
Edit reports in the built in text editor or paste into a word processor.
Export data to Microsoft Excel or Word.
Export tests for use on the World Wide Web using fully customisable templates.
Automatically save files for clients in their own directory or append to shared files.
Access a complete help system.
Share tests and templates with others.

Potential Applications

Health or social science research
Market research
Clinical outcome measurement
Satisfaction surveys
Clinical assessment
Web based questionnaires
Teaching and learning
Competency assessment

ETC in action

Whilst written over 10 years ago Easy Test Creator is still fit for purpose and can assist psychologists, mental health professionals and others with the collation of outcome measures, tests and reporting in everyday practice.

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