Software for Mobile Devices


Here are some examples of little applications for windows mobile devices such as smart phones.

If you would like to try them simply move them onto your mobile phone by .connecting your device to your computer, and moving the file into a convenient location on your device. Simply browse to the location of the file on your device and click to run. If you have an older device you may be prompted to install a latter version of the .Net framework. If you have it installed on your computer you will be able to run the applications on your desktop as well. You can download a copy of the latest .NET framework (.Net 3.5) by clicking here.

Body Mass Index Calculator

Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) using either standard / imperial or metric measures of height and weight, or a combination of both. See the BMI plotted on a standard chart

Download a self installer (Run and the file will be copied to your pocket PC using ActiveSync) Download the BMI Cab File
(Copy to Pocket PC and run)
Download BMI Executable File (Can be run on desktop)

You may need to save the file to your desktop first