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Drug Calculations for Health Professionals - Features


Drug Calculations for Health Professionals will be helpful to anyone who has a need or interest in teaching or learning drug calculations. This is a great tool to help students, nurses, paramedics, allied health professionals and doctors to sharpen their skills or maintain competency. Learning is made fun and easy. Educators, staff development co-coordinators, librarians and managers will find it easy to provide customized tests (of all types), print and deploy tests, keep records of results and produce professional reports.

It is free to download and try!

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  • Questions are generated randomly from customizable databases.

  • Learning is made fun through games, random questions and animations when questions are answered correctly. 

  • Comprehensive help and question solutions are provided.

  • Create tests with multi-choice or short answer questions, splash screens, login screens etc.

  • Customize test conditions and features.


Common Abbreviations
Metric Conversions
Twenty Four Hour Clock
Body Mass Index
Tablet Dosages
Fluid Dosages
IV Flow Rates
Dose by weight   (and more...)

Drug Calculations for Health Professionals Menu


One of the calculators that ships with Drug Calculations for Health Professionals Calculators for common drug calculation problems are provided. These also show the calculations undertaken to assist in learning the formula.

Keep a track of progress

Results are displayed in a results form with summary, table and text views. Results can be edited, printed, exported or opened in the installed word processor with one click. A log file of all results can be specified for customized tests.


Create your own test

A custom built splash screen  Unique Splash and login screens can be created. Tests can be incorporated into the main menu or launched from short cuts.

Produce print ready tests with answer keys, and solutions. Edit tests in the built in word processor or open in the default word processor.

Password protect tests and create results and login details. Make the test stand alone (bypassing the main menus and closing automatically)

Create your own questions or generate them automatically. Add pictures, features, help or a range of options

.Test Creator / Editor


The test creation and deployment functions will be useful to anyone who wants to deploy on-line tests. Indeed a cut down test creation and deployment version, fully compatible with this software will be released soon.

What about Drug Calculations for Nurses?

This software is a major revision of a program first created in 1997 called Drug Calculations for Nurses. Drug Calculations for Nurses was written for early versions of windows and remains popular. Indeed, it is still available and serves its purpose well. Click here for specifications, download sites and registration information. Drug Calculations for Health Professionals has many more features and is designed for latter versions of Windows.

Try Drug Calculations for Health Professionals

Drug Calculations for Health Professionals is shareware. That means it is OK to share the unregistered version and give it a go. If it is useful then the right thing to do is register it. Registration also removes registration reminders from the program and enables saving and printing features for customized tests and results. Check out the specifications section first to make sure you have or can install the .NET platform that makes the software work. Then download it and have fun!


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