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Drug Calculations for Health Professionals

Drug Calculations for Health Professionals

Drug Calculations for Health Professionals generates tests, solutions, help and tracks results for common drug calculations. Educators will love the capacity to create customized multi-choice and short answer questions on any topic they wish and then customize the test conditions or generate print ready versions. It is packed full of features that assist in making learning fun. Download and try for free! Try an on-line quiz generated by Drug Calculations for Health Professionals.


Drug Calculations Quiz Pages


The Drug Calculations Quiz pages are to assist students, and health professionals refresh and develop their skills in mathematics and drug calculations. For those that need more practice consider  joining the Quiz Club to access 5000 common drug calculation problems and solutions. These questions were generated by Drug Calculations for Health Professionals (so give that a go first). There is a small fee for six months. Or you may try some free online tests. .

Easy Test Creator

Easy Test Creator

ETC is a software package to create on-line (web based or terminal based) standardised tests and questionnaires. It is a  tool for researchers, health professionals or indeed anyone that needs to use such tests. Web developers may also find it useful for generating web based tests. Results may be tracked and reported in different ways. A collection of commonly used psychological screening instruments are available on-line for people to try.

Other Software

Recently I have been playing with the idea of integrating various applications for smart phones. It is early days yet but click here to review and download some applications such as a Body Mass Index calculator for windows mobile devices.

Professional Development Record

The Continuing Practice and Education Record was designed for members of the then Australian and New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses to maintain a record of education, professional development and practice development activities. It enables the electronic submission of applications for credentialing and renewal of credentials. It can even generate an up to date CV at the click of a button. The author is willing and able to customise the program for other organisations with similar needs.

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