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Drug Calculations for Health Professionals - Register
                             Thank you for considering doing the right thing and registering Drug Calculations for Health Professionals. Registration will fully unlock the program and will grant you certain rights in relation to usage and distribution of the program (and will remove any prompts to register). Please install and try the software first!

You may register and pay here using PayPal (secure, fast and reliable). Please select your preferred currency:

U.S. Dollar Pounds Sterling Euro

Choose a registration option and click submit to move to the next screen. 

By proceeding you acknowledge that you are paying to receive a registration code to unlock  the software. You acknowledge that you have downloaded and installed the software and find it fit for purpose. You acknowledge that receipt of the registration code satisfies the vendor's obligations to you. Under exceptional circumstances a fee may be refunded but may be less than originally paid due to fluctuations in exchange rates and transaction fees imposed by PayPal (approximately 3%). If you do not understand or agree to these terms do not go any further or contact the author.

Registration Options - In Australian Dollars

Single User Licenses


Full Registration: This entitles a single user to install and use the registered software on a single computer for an unlimited time for personal use. Registration also enables 6 months Quiz Club membership.
$ 35.95

One Year Registration: This provides registration until the next calendar year. At the expiration date the software reverts to un-registered status. This is a good option if a user just wants to use the software for a refresher. $ 19.95

Site Licenses
A site license is required if the software is to be shared with others e.g. Installed on a workplace computer, in a library or staff development unit. Registration includes one free Quiz Club membership

The site license registration fee is worked out on the number of workstations that the software will be installed on.  

Select the number of work stations to work out the cost:

$ 125


Distribution Licenses
A distribution license enables the distribution of time limited registration codes to other users. For example an institution may provide copies of Drug Calculations for Health Professionals to students and staff for their own use, or a study group may choose to register collectively. The registration information on the program would read something like "This software is registered to X University for distribution to 100 students". It is up to the registered owner to provide for distribution and they may place the unregistered zipped file on intranet or internet sites. They must however ensure that the registration information they choose to distribute is handled securely and requires users to commit to not sharing that to others. Distributors may not charge more than the registration fee divided by the number of users for this service. Contact the author to discuss customising the software to your needs. Select both the number of software packages and the year the software expires to work out the cost. The cost is considerably less than one year registration for a single user.

Number of units to distribute:

Number of years for registration:

$ 80

You have selected a single user license.
Click 'Next' if this is correct

Once you have received your registration code you need to enter your registration information into the registration screen exactly as you provided (computers are unforgiving). It is case sensitive. Then click 'Register Now'.

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