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Easy Test Creator
Easy Test Creator helps with all steps of the research process Easy Test Creator (ETC) is a software package which was designed to assist in the creation, administration and analysis of computerised and on-line tests, surveys or questionnaires.

ETC may be particularly useful for researchers, clinicians, or those who simply wish to add a more sophisticated questionnaire to their web pages. 

Try an on-line test Try an on-line test, or download a test for latter use!
Potential applications:
  • Health or social science research
  • Market research 
  • Clinical outcome measurement 
  • Satisfaction surveys 
  • Clinical assessment 
  • Web based questionnaires 
  • Teaching and learning 
  • Competency assessment
  • Easily define multi-choice, short and long answer questions.
  • Define sub-scales and assign to numerical questions.
  • Customise the entire test administration, reporting, and exporting process at design time.
  • Prompt for test respondent and administrator.
  • Produce professional reports which include an analysis of sub-scale and total scores.
  • Edit reports in the built in text editor or paste into a word processor.
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel or Word.
  • Export tests for use on the World Wide Web using fully customisable templates.
  • Automatically save files for clients in their own directory or append to shared files.
  • Access a complete help system.
  • Share tests and templates with others.
History of Easy Test Creator ETC was first conceived as a tool to assist in the administration, scoring and collating of data from outcome scales and clinical tests. The author worked as a nurse consultant in a Mobile Intensive Treatment Team, which provided intensive case management to people with mental illness. Various outcome measures were required to be completed at regular intervals for each client. The completion of tests often took considerable time, involving completing a paper questionnaire, transposing scores onto score sheets, adding up sub-scale scores and total scores, writing up an interpretation and analysis, and entering the information into a spreadsheet to examine changes and trends. ETC was designed to automated this process, save time, and generate professional reports. Conservatively ETC has reduced the time taken on these tasks by 300% even for novice computer users.

The author has also worked in education, undertaken research using pen and paper instruments, and developed web based forms and questionnaires. ETC was developed to be flexible enough to assist in these tasks.

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