working4recovery is the online portal to the therapy and mental health consultancy enterprise currently based in North Queensland, Australia. 

Psychotherapy, and counselling services to the Cairns community and beyond...

Richard Lakeman has been creating web pages relating to mental health, organisations and research projects since the early days of the internet 

Some current active projects

Understanding & Changing Self-Defeating Beliefs

Created by Richard Lakeman and Wayne Froggatt in 1998. This is probably the first example of what is now known as e-therapy.

Dealing with Death in the Homeless Sector

A collection of resources arising from a doctoral study which explored how homeless sector workers deal with death. It includes a short video, articles and teaching resources

Hearing Voices & other Extraordinary Experiences

A collection of resources on coping with voices arising from honors research.

A gallery of pages developed by Richard Lakeman

Dr Richard Lakeman

Richard Lakeman developed this site and has also collated a large number of publications, presentations and teaching and learning resources online.