Today almost anyone can develop a website and it seems that most people do. I have been involved in developing web sites since 1995. Then things were a little more difficult than they are now. I have mostly developed psychiatric and mental health related web sites on a voluntary basis and a few for a very modest commercial gain. Some have come and gone, been redeveloped or were never meant to have much longevity (e.g research questionnaires etc). Here are some images of some but by no means all of the sites that I have developed.

Psychiatric Nursing Aotearoa (1994-1999). This may well have been the first psychiatric nursing web site on the net. I worked at the Eastern Institute of Technology (1995-2000) and developed their intranet site.
The New Zealand Branch of the ANZCMHN web pages (1997-2000) Wairarapa Wilderness Adventures (Created 1998)

Understanding and changing self defeating beliefs. This is a self help package based on the principles of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy written and developed in partnership with Wayne Froggatt. Try it! The North Queensland Sub-Branch of the Australian and New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses (Created and maintained 2000-2005).
City University London Department of Psychiatric Nursing's home page (Created 2004) SOLAS - A non-government organisation providing lifestyle support to people with mental health difficulties (Created 2004)
The Australian and New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses (Redeveloped and maintained 2003-2005) A range of drug calculations quizzes were placed on the web in 1995 and since then I have developed the site considerably to showcase various software I have developed.
Northern Australia Psychotherapy Professional Interest Group (Created 2003) I have set up a range of online research and project sites for various commissioned research projects.
The 2007 Health4Life conference website (Created) The web site of the Irish Institute of Mental Health Nurses (Created 2009)

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