I was lucky enough to have access to computers from quite a young age when computers were a novelty and having one at home was a rarity. I wrote lots of computer programmes as an adolescent but put all that aside when I undertook nursing training. Some years later with a little bit of time on my hands I wrote a few standalone programmes which are show cased at Today, I'm more likely to develop web based applications rather than standalone programmes but the following are still very much fit for purpose:

Drug Calculations for Health Professionals

In 1997 I wrote a computer programme called drug calculations for nurses. The programme was extensively revised in 2005 and remarketed as ‘Drug Calculations for Health Professionals’. Over 50,000 people have downloaded the software from my site: It is shareware which means there is only a moral requirement to pay to register it if it is found useful. Approximately 50 schools of nursing or staff development units have registered the product.


Easy Test Creator

I wrote Easy Test Creator (ETC) to assist in the creation, administration and analysis of computerised and on-line tests, surveys or questionnaires. In the community mental health team I worked in we often employed various questionnaires and tests. This helped save time with entry, scoring and tracking change over time. ETC is particularly useful for researchers, clinicians, or those who simply wish to add a more sophisticated questionnaire to their web pages

Continuing practice and education record

This software was developed as a solution to the highly complex task of maintaining records of professional development and  educational activities for the purposes of applying for and maintaining credentials for practice. I wrote it for the ANZCMHN but it was never formally endorsed so I shelved the software which is a shame because it worked very well. It enables all manner of activities to be logged and continuing education and practice credits automatically calculated. An application and renewal can be automatically generated and sent via e-mail. This package also has wider applications as a curriculum vitae can be generated and/or it may be used to demonstrate to other regulatory bodies evidence of training and education. 

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