Drug Calculations for Nurses - Download


System Requirements

  • Drug Calculations for Nurses is designed for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 although it will it generally install and run fine on latter operating systems.

  • Two download options are available on this site. Use the 16 bit version if you have an older, slower computer. 


Download here at
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drug32v5.zip 2562 KB
drg16v20.zip 2376 KB


Save the file to the desktop or a temporary directory. Unpack the file into a directory. Run the program setup.exe to complete the installation.

Problems with installation may occur if your computer does not have Visual Basic Runtime Routines installed. Most computers do. However, a google search should help find them if you do not. 

Drug Calculations for Nurses is shareware. That is, you are welcome to download it, install it and trial the unregistered software. If you find it useful you are required to register it.


Support is no longer provided for this software. It is older software which has been replaced by Drug Calculations for Health Professionals.