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Drug Calculations for Nurses has been a popular program for learning drug calculations. Drug Calculations for Health Professionals was written to replace this program but if you have an older machine, want an inexpensive and time tested solution Drug Calculations for nurses may still be the right program for you. 


  • Drug Calculations for Nurses generates drug calculation test questions based on a database of common drugs.

  • Help and solutions are available for the nurse and / or teacher.

  • Customise almost all of the testing features in Drug Calculations for Nurses.
  • Keep a log file of the results of all users who access Drug Calculations for Nurses.
  • Include a shared log file across a network.
  • Keep separate records for every user who accesses Drug Calculations for Nurses.
  • Request an ID number and / or name of a user when Drug Calculations for Nurses is run.
  • Check peoples ID numbers against a list and record only the results of those who are on the list.
  • Create test conditions and practice modes.


Common Abbreviations
Metric Conversions
Tablet Dosages
Fluid Dosages
IV Flow Rates
Drug Calculations for Nurses - Opening Screen

IV Simulation

A simulation IV burette is used to demonstrate flow rates, provide practice on setting IVs, and counting drops

Create Your Own Tests

Teachers Tools is a separate application which comes packaged with Drug Calculations for Nurses that enables the creation of customised tests.

The test construction set allows you to create questions for inclusion in the Drug Calculations for Nurses program, or as files for pen and paper tests. You are able to select the type of question to create and the drug class, from which questions are generated. You can also create your own unique questions and solutions.

Tests can be saved as text files. Choices are offered regarding question style, the inclusion of instructions, answer keys and solutions etc

Drug Calculations for Nurses comes with a limited database of drugs. Drugs can be added, changed and re-categorised for use by Test Construction Set and Drug Calculations for Nurses. For example you could create a class of common drugs which you know students need to be familiar with.

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