Introducing Richard Lakeman

Hello and welcome! I am a mental health nurse and psychotherapist by professional background. I am presently working as an Associate Professor  at  Southern Cross University on the Gold Coast. I am the course coordinator for SCU-Online postgraduate mental health programmes. 

I set up this site to share a little about myself and some of the work that I have been involved in. I am passionate about psychotherapy and promoting psychotherapeutic skill development for all work in mental health. There are quite a lot of resources on this site that you may download. I have written and presented on topics such as advanced empathyprofessional ethics, pharmaco-centrism, using the internet in mental health care, clinical supervision, discrimination, suicide, hearing voices, dealing with death and mental health recovery.  Most recently I have been exploring DBT a treatment for BPD and the impacts of student evaluation of teaching.

You may be interested in software packages to assist with learning drug calculations and creating and administering on-line tests and research instruments.

You are very welcome to explore these pages and where possible I have provided links to resources which you are welcome to use.

Richard Lakeman in New Zealand

Featured Sites

Drug and Dosage Calculations Software and Online Courses

Drug Calculations Software & Dosage Calculations Quiz Club

Richard created the first free online dosage calculation course in 1995. This site is still visited today and has been replicated around the world. This was followed soon after by a software package called Drug Calculations for Nurses. A latter update called Drug Calculations for Health Professionals is still popular with students today and has been installed in dozens of universities and staff development units. Indeed it has been downloaded over 500,000 times.  An online repository of questions and solutions called the Drug Calculations Quiz Club proved almost as popular. In 2018 this device friendly updated version of the quiz club complete with tutorials, interactive calculators and tests was launched.

Mental health recovery, therapy and consultancy to Cairns & beyond

Richard is a psychotherapist, scholar and mental health activist. The domain working4recovery was created to host a range of recovery focused research and activist projects. 

Today is the main portal for Richard's therapeutic and consultancy work with individuals and groups. is continues to host the earliest example of e-therapy: An online e-book called Unerstanding and Changing Self-Defeating Beliefs